In honor of the 75th anniversary of New Hampshire's Conservation Districts, each of the state's ten districts is seeking nominations for Conservation Legacy Awards. This award seeks to honor the nominees sustained commitment to the stewardship of natural resources in their respective counties.

For 75 years, the County Conservation Districts have worked tirelessly with landowners and communities to promote the conservation and responsible use of natural and agricultural resources. The Legacy Award endeavors to shine a spotlight on those who embody this mission. 

The Conservation Districts' Boards of Supervisors will be responsible for the review and selection of one Conservation Legacy Award per County. Awardees will be announced in June 2021.


Businesses, organizations, individuals, and families are eligible for the award if they live in or are based in the County, have a minimum of 5 years experience of sustained commitment to conservation and stewardship.

Nominations should be no more than two pages and include a summary of why the nominee is deserving of this honor. Nominations could include information on the nominee’s property stewardship, overall impact of the County’s environmental health, activism on behalf of conservation and agriculture, education and outreach in the community, their willingness to share natural resource information with the public, service as a mentor for others, service to conservation organizations, and/or any notable accomplishments or awards.

Submit a Nomination

Nominations are due no later than March 31, 2021 and can be submitted digitally or by hard copy in the mail.