Remembering as we turn 75!
February 14, 1946 — Harry Truman is President, Frank Sinatra has two of the top three songs in the nation, and the Belknap County Conservation District is established!
Districts were organized and created by federal law in 1937 in response to devastating soil erosion conditions which existed in the United States during the late 1920s and 1930s. Known as the Dust Bowl era, it effected the whole nation and beyond.
Districts were established to direct and manage soil erosion control programs using local citizens participating voluntarily in planning and installing conservation practices. Each district was empowered to determine local needs, would have personal contact with local individual landowners within the community, and would this be able to encourage maximum cooperation on a voluntary basis. The first soil conservation district is the United States was organized on August 4, 1937, in North Carolina. Conservation Districts in New Hampshire were established in 1945 and 1946.
02-12-21 belknap flashback

Rick DeMark, District Conservationist (1980's) discusses soil erosion within Gunstock Brook, Gilford.

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Contour plowing, plowing across the slope, helps prevent soil erosion caused by rain and snow melt.

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Jan Hooper, District Program Coordinator (1989-2008) emphasized the importance of informing young people about conservation.


February 12th – Conservation District Formation, Belknap County

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