From the Cheshire County Conservation District: Images of various crops grown across Cheshire County in the 1930 & 40s, to show how farming has changed in many ways over the last 75 years.



Of course, farming has also remained the same in many ways as well. From tobacco and soybeans, to rye and alfalfa. NH Conservation Districts couldn’t do what we do to ensure conservation across the granite state without our relationships with the farmers who have explored and worked the land the closest of us all.

01-08-21 cheshire flashback2

Alfalfa field- June 1934 - Somewhere in Cheshire County, NH

01-08-21 cheshire flashback3

Soybean field - Westmoreland, NH - 1931

01-08-21 cheshire flashback4

Tobacco field - Walpole, NH - 1937

01-08-21 cheshire flashback5

Rye field - R. N. Johnson's farm in Walpole, NH - 1942

10 Districts! 75 Years! Countless conservation successes!

Happy 75th Anniversary, NH Conservation Districts!

January 8th – Cash Crops, Cheshire County
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