As we were researching our history, getting ready to celebrate our 75th year anniversary, we realized that conservation education has always been a priority for the District.
In the early years, the District was led by a board of supervisors in partnership with the Soil Conservation Service (SCS), now known as the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Cooperative Extension Staff.

According to annual reports, the board members and partners had been writing articles to educate the community about best conservation practices in farming from the beginning. In just a few years, they were averaging around 26 newspaper articles a year!
By 1949, illustrated talks were presented at community clubs and schools. Youth education became a priority of the District in 1957. There was a push for natural resources education in the local schools. The District engineer at the time, helped to create outdoor labs and nature study areas for 6 schools including Maple Avenue, Stevens Annex, and Plainfield School. And this was just the start. Learn more on our blog:
As you can see, SCCD has been promoting place-based education for all ages since its inception! The way it is done may look a little different now, but education has always been the foundation of this Conservation District. #NHdistricts75th
January 1 – 75 years of Education, Sullivan County
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